Study Title: Financial, Decision Making and Risk Taking Behaviour in Different Scenarios

This research is organised by Sam Hemmingway, who is postgraduate (MSc Psychology) student at the University of Sunderland, Department of Psychology. The study aims to see if risk-taking behaviour is affected by individual human characteristics and if interventions can further affect behaviour.

Inclusion Criteria: For the purpose of the study, I need to recruit a large number of male and female adult participants (aged 16 and over).

What will I actually have to do? You will be asked to read scenarios regarding different financial decision-making situations. You will be allocated imaginary money and asked to make decisions in three separate situations. You will be working asynchronously with another player .You will be asked for your email address (which will be stored separately from your data) and you will receive an email each time you are asked to make a decision. This allows us to inform you of your opponent’s actions before you make your next decision. Finally, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire.

What advantages are there? Taking part in this study may not benefit you directly. However, your participation is gratefully received and may help increase psychological knowledge about human social interaction and decision-making behaviour.

What are the possible disadvantages and risks of taking part? I cannot think of any risks of taking part in the study but should you require any advice or guidance after the session then contact numbers could be provided in which support can be requested. Please contact me by email should you require this once you have completed the study. I am aware that this study requires you to be patient and await further instruction but it is essential in order to address the research question properly. Your data will be anonymous and confidential and, if published, will not be identifiable as yours.

What happens to my data? You will not be asked to disclose any personal details other than your email address and only my supervisor and I will have access to the raw data, which will be stored on a computer and only identifiable by participant code number. I will retain the raw data from the project until submission of my final project report. All data will then be handed over to my project supervisor who will arrange secure storage. Your data will be anonymous and confidential and, if published, will not be identifiable as yours. After three years, all data will be destroyed.

Can I withdraw from the study? Please note that participation in this study is entirely voluntary and that you are free to withdraw from the study at any time without giving a reason. If you change your mind about taking part in the study, and wish for your data to be withdrawn, please contact me by email as soon as possible and I will end your study and ensure you do not receive any further emails. If you feel unhappy about the conduct of the study, please let me know straightaway. Alternatively, you may wish to contact my supervisor or the Chairperson of the University Research Ethics Committee. Contact details are given below.

Who has reviewed the study? A departmental subcommittee of the University of Sunderland Research Ethics Committee has reviewed and approved the study.

Contact Details: Sam Hemmingway, Email: ; Dr Daniel Farrelly (Project Supervisor) Email: 0191 515 3889 ; Dr Robert Pullen (Chairperson of the University of Sunderland Research Ethics Committee) Email: Phone: 0191 515 2609

If you are happy with the above instructions  and aged 16 or over, please click the ‘Next’ button below. Please note, clicking ‘Next’ will be taken as your consent to participate and for your data to be stored and analysed by me.


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